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Trust the experts at Beele/CSD for your passive fire protection and watertight / gas-tight sealing requirements.

Our 50+ years of experience in all types of harsh industrial environments ensures that your installation will be offered the utmost in protection, under the worst of conditions.

Natural Gas

Natural gas infrastructure areas are highly volatile spaces that require critical sealing against migration of fire, gas, water and rodents.

The choice of Beele/CSD ensures the utmost in quality, integrity and safety for your installations.

Power Utilities

Cable ducts, substations, vaults and generation facilities face critical sealing challenges against all types of damage ingress by fire, water and rodents.

Utilities around the world rely on Beele/CSD to protect their valuable infrastructure against these harsh attacks.

Water & Wastewater Facilities

Environments in water and wastewater facilities expose pipe and cable penetrations seals to harsh corrosive environments. Products that contain metal parts or mineral wool filler can deteriorate rapidly, thus rendering the seals virtually useless.

Damage to the infrastructure can then occur, costing substantial money and time to replace. Beele/CSD products eliminate all of these drawbacks by using only high-quality rubber materials, and eliminating the possibility of harmful corrosion or moisture ingress.


Vibration and movement present in railroad / rolling stock environments create unique challenges for penetration sealing products. Beele/CSD products have been subjected to shock, vibration, stress, sound dampening and other tests to ensure that the products can withstand these harsh areas.

Trust your installations to the experts in railway applications – specify Beele/CSD.

Wind Farms

Onshore and offshore wind farms are utilizing Beele/CSD products worldwide for cable penetrations, cabinet seals, junction boxes and other areas where cable sealing is critical to protect expensive equipment.

No metal parts means no corrosion in the salt and UV environment of offshore wind installments.